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Textile Designer

Tom Cody Design, Inc.

New York, New York


Tom Cody Design, Inc. is seeking a Textile Designer to work in New York, New York.  Interested persons should contact Hailey DiApice at and (212) 695-9200.


The individual must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and 3 months of experience in textile design work.  The Textile Designer must also be able to do the following:


  • Composing illustrations of colors, patterns and specific fabrics, including embroideries, beads, sequins, buttons and other articles to enhance the effect and look of the material;

  • Utilizing various forms of art media to demonstrate how our textiles and fabrics will be used in various garment styles, such as pants, suits, dresses, shirts, and undergarments;

  • Combining artistic skills with knowledge of textile properties, such as draping and hanging characteristics of certain fabrics and combinations, to illustrate how our textiles will ultimately “flow”;

  • Analyzing and researching latest fashion trends, including visiting fashion retailers to formulate concepts and ideas, so we may effectively market our products to our clientele; and

  • Creating color stories, patterns and illustration designs of various types of textiles using computer aided design programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Utilizing a variety of methods and materials to draw and paint illustrations which accurately conceptualize our textiles.

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